India Today

‘Toast To Tibet’
by Natasha Israni
(India Today. July 13, 2000)

Tibetan on salt flats, with big bags of salt

A still from the film 'Saltmen of Tibet'

The growing clan of Tibetan culture rooters got another reason to celebrate — at the World Tibet Day at the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai. Flagged off with a round of Tibetan prayers, enthusiasts then viewed Suresh Natarajan's snaps of the Dalai Lama, Ulrike Koch's revelatory documentary, The Saltmen Of Tibet, and Martin Scorsese's Hollywood-spiced Kundun.

Said Sethu Das, president of the Friends of Tibet (INDIA): 'the organisation effort feels worth it especially when many Tibetans are coming out of their shells at such functions.'

Plans are now afoot to take this one-day programme to Cochin and other cities. And all the while Tibet's tag of being the most famous plateau in the world remains firmly in place.