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World Tibet Day in Sri Lanka
(By Friends of Tibet: Sri Lanka, July 24, 2015)

World Tibet Day in Colombo, Sri Lanka (July 24, 2015)

Colombo, Sri Lanka: In connection with the World Tibet Day, Friends of Tibet (Sri Lanka) under the leadership of Shri Ravindra Ranasinha organised an awareness raising programme on July 24, 2015 in a community hall in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The discussion had two themes:

  1. Tibetan Buddhism and its impact on Theravada
  2. Environmental destruction by the Chinese in Tibet

Some of the participants were unaware of the Tibetan issue, and this discussion paved way for many to get an understanding on how the Chinese aggression had damaged Tibetan culture and her environment. It was an opportunity for those participants to make sense of the importance of Tibet, culturally as well as environmentally. Those participants who were aware of the Tibetan issue made use of the World With Tibet map to explain the influence of the Chinese, especially in South Asian region to become the superpower, and how they use Tibet as a military point. Further, the discussion revealed that Sri Lanka is part of the Chinese agenda and that there is enough damage done to our soil with the Chinese projects.

It was discussed whether HH the Dalai Lama can be invited to Sri Lanka, but it transpired that China had got Sri Lanka to sign an agreement not to allow HHDL to enter Sri Lanka. This matter was of concern and the participants decided that their protest should be shown against China by not purchasing Chinese products and also by taking part in public protests against Chinese projects.

World Tibet Day 2015

World Tibet Day (WTD) was first initiated in Chicago in 1997 at an informal meeting between Tendzin Choegyal, the Dalai Lama's younger brother and Richard Rosenkranz. The concept of WTD was proposed by Rosenkranz saying it could become an annual worldwide event, designed to help the Tibetan people regain their essential freedoms. He also suggested this event could be a way to showcase and celebrate the unique value of Tibetan culture and thought. Enthusiastic about the idea, Tendzin Choegyal suggested WTD should be held on July 6th, linked to his brother's birthday, in order to increase potential support among Tibetans.

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