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‘What We Stand For’

Dear friend:
Friends of Tibet is an effort by individuals from all over the world to help preserve and spread awareness about the issue of Tibet and the unique cultural and religious identity of the Tibetan people.

In 1950 China invaded Tibet and has been illegally occupying the country ever since.  In that time an estimated 1.2 million Tibetans (one in four of the population) have been killed in an act of gross human and cultural genocide.  China has systematically and continually suppressed the values, religion and culture of Tibet.

For over fifty years the governments of the world have largely stood by and allowed China to repress, torture and kill Tibetans in their own land.  It is time for the World to stand up for Tibet, time for those in power to speak out and to call China to account.  They will only do this if pressured to do so; we need to apply this pressure, to speak truth to power, to refuse to accept spin, lies and half-truths.

The United Kingdom has had diplomatic relations with Tibet since 1904 and therefore has a particular responsibility.  Withdrawing from India in 1947, Britain assured the Tibetan government that it would support Tibet's right to manage its own affairs.  When the Chinese invaded in 1950 Britain ignored this promise and again failed to support Tibet in the United Nations following the 1959 uprising.

Friends of Tibet stands with Tibetans to raise the profile of Tibet and their struggles for political, cultural and religious freedom in their own land, to increase awareness of the human rights abuses they face and to influence key decision makers to support them.

Using the Tibet Urgent Response Network (TURN) and other media, we provide information, ideas, and resources for activists, educators and legislators to help them work and campaign for Tibet.  To join  TURN simply send a blank email with "subscribe" in the subject line to  We'll send you regular updates and action alerts (about twelve a year).

Please join us, with your help Tibet can and will be free.  If you have any questions or queries, or would just like more information, please email me at 

Thank you.
David Meanwell

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