'Story of Two Liberations'
(Ernakulam, Kerala | November 20, 2004)

Story of Two 'Liberations': November 20, 2004

Ernakulam, Kerala: a discussion-cum-film screening organised by Design & People in association with Friends of Tibet (India) was held at the Indian Medical Association (IMA) Hall, Warriam Road, Ernakulam on November 20, 2004. In the introductory remarks, Sethu Das, president of Friends of Tibet (India) compared the Sir Francis Younghusband's mission to Tibet in search of Russian arms with the search for Weapons of Mass Destruction by the United States in Iraq which finally ended up in mass disappearance.

Introduction to Story of 'Liberations' by Sethu Das, President, Friends of Tibet (India)

Introduction to Story of 'Liberations' by Sethu Das, President, Friends of Tibet (India)

Noted literary critic and activist Dr KS Radhakrishnan spoke about the 'Politics of Invasions' which was followed by a question-answer session. He condemned the invasions and demanded the withdrawal of aggressors from Iraq and Tibet. He also said that the battles are not between 'democracy' and 'terror', but between conquering imperialist powers and resistance movements trying to drive them out. Suku Dass, co-founder, Design & People thanked all those participated in the discussion on the ongoing-invasion of Iraq and the occupation of Tibet by the People's Republic of China.

Dr KS Radhakrishnan on 'Politics of Invasions'

Dr KS Radhakrishnan on 'Politics of Invasions'

Red Flag Over Tibet: Five decades of Chinese occupation of Tibet have left tens of thousands of Tibetans dead and thousands of monasteries and temples destroyed. One of Tibet's most sacred lakes is being developed for Chinese hydroelectric power. To explore the question of the fate of Tibet, Orville Schell, an author and longtime observer of China, makes a journey to Tibet, the Roof of the World. Schell vividly chronicles the history and culture of Tibet, explores the Chinese view of Tibet, and looks at why the survival of Tibet's people and culture has become an international issue.

Screening of Red Flag Over Tibet

Fahrenheit 9/11: One of the most controversial and provocative films of the year, Fahrenheit 9/11 is Academy Award-winning film-maker Michael Moore's searing examination of the US Administration's actions in the wake of the tragic events of September 11. A two-hour examination of the Bush administration — from the 2000 election, the handling of September 11, the bombing of Afghanistan, and the invasion of Iraq — it's a bloated, biased, and brilliant piece of political film-making. It's also a film the powers-that-be didn't want you to see.

'Story of Two Liberations' was organised by Design & People in association with Friends of Tibet (INDIA) at Ernakulam, Kerala on November 20, 2004.

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