'Even The Stones Remember'
by Lhasang Tsering

A Hundred Cannons Booming,
Ten thousand Rifles Firing,
Chinese Soldiers Marching,
Into Tibet Invading --
Even the Stones Remember!

Your Dying soldiers Groaning,
Vanquished men Wailing,
Ravished women Weeping,
Your Orphaned children Crying --
Even the Stones Remember!

Your ancient Temples Crumbling,
Your holy Scriptures Burning,
Ten thousand Monks Dying,
Defiled Idols Decaying --
Even the Stones Remember!

Your abundant Land Plundered,
Vast, green Forest Denuded,
Clean, clear Waters Polluted,
Pure, Pristine Air Poisoned --
Even the Stones Remember!

By Day in pain Weeping,
By Night in death Wailing,
Rivers of Blood of Dying,
Endless Tears of the Living --
Even the Stones Remember!

Have you, fellow Tibetans in Freedom, forgotten all this?

Lhasang Tsering was twice the president of Tibetan Youth Congress and one of the founding directors of the Amnye Machen Institute. He was also a member of the CIA-trained Tibetan Resistance Force operated from Mustang, Nepal

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