'Exile House'
by Tenzin Tsundue (January, 2000)

Our tiled roof dripped
and the four walls threatened to fall apart
but we were to go home soon,

we grew papayas
infront of our house
chilies in our garden
and changmas for our fences,
then pumkins rolled down the cowshed thatch
calves trotted out of the manger,

grass on the roof,
beans sprouted and
climbed down the vines,
money plants crept in through the window,
our house seems to have grown roots.

The fences have grown into a jungle,
now how can I tell my children
where we came from.

Tenzin Tsundue is a Tibetan poet living in Bombay. Winner of 'Outlook-Picador Essay Award 2000' Tsundue is also the General Secretary of Friends of Tibet (INDIA)

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