'Ode To A Freedom Fighter'
by Lhasang Tsering (September 3, 2000)

One nine four nine, was the dark year,
China invaded my country dear.
Tibet went down, to a greater might,
Because 'tis true, our men did fight.

And these few lines, in black and white,
With grateful respect, I now do write.
That the brave deeds, of those who fought,
Will not with time, be soon forgot.

Your aged folks, herds and fields,
Your new-wed bride and unborn child,
For Tibet dear and freedom's sake,
Through torn apart, you did forsake.

While at the peak, of youthful day,
Your life in battle, for Tibet did you lay.
That Tibet will, be free one day.
And your unborn child, in freedom play.

O warrior dead, now rest your soul,
You are not needed, we have a new goal.
Tibet today heeds not your call.
Though now it's worse, we're up against the wall.

So rest your soul, O Warrior dead,
Better nourish the flower-bed.
The purpose new, is have no role,
Association with China, is our goal.

Your deeds forgot, your name unsung,
A new history, we have begun.
Seek not rebirth, O Warrior dead.
Freedom is a dirty word, you'll find to your regret!

Lhasang Tsering was twice the president of Tibetan Youth Congress and one of the founding directors of the Amnye Machen Institute. He was also a member of the CIA-trained Tibetan Resistance Force operated from Mustang, Nepal

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