‘Freedom Is Not An Empty Word’
by Lhasang Tsering (September 1, 2000)

Freedom is not an empty word,
Freedom is not another word.
Our dignity doth freedom endow,
Our humanity nurture even now.

Slaves and serfs from ages past,
Have for freedom stood steadfast.
Saints and sages both then and now.
For freedom from this world doth now.

Humanity from the dawn of time,
Through every land and every clime.
For this one goal called Liberty,
Hath shown on indomitable fidelity.

The free hath Freedom always regarded,
The most prized heritage dearly to be guarded.
And kindled in each succeeding generation,
For freedom's sake an undying veneration.

And everywhere the oppressed have striven,
And from age thier lives have given.
Dictators to conquer row upon row,
Freedom one day their children to know.

While some for heavenly freedom vie,
Others for earthly freedom will die.
Because freedom is not- just another word,
Freedom most certainly is not- an empty word.

Lhasang Tsering was twice the President of Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) and one of the founding directors of the Amnye Machen Institute, Dharamsala. He was also a member of the Tibetan Resistance Force in Mustang, Nepal

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